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This acrylic illustration is for my final project in Bezalel academy of art and design, Jrusalem. The theme is a poem by Kadya Molodowsky, and this part of it is somwhere in the middle of the poem-story. The girl drifts in to her imagination, escaping the reality of the grey and tough life in a suburb not far from Warsaw, in the beginning of the last century. I hope it comes threw the illustration, I work on this project a lot, so It’s hard for me to see things clear. Painting with acrylic was something I didn’t like when I only started with it aroun 10 years ago, I prefered oil painting, but now I am friends with it. Besides acrylic I used colored pencils in this illustration, in the buble of the imagination. I hope the project will come out the best way it can.

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