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Love in black & white (bizarre birds & flying eggs)Well, sometimes I take a break from reality and it’s images. Actually I like it a lot. After painting a lot of realistic portraits and landscapes, this black & white series came to my imagination. I have already painted (or should I say draw?) 5 in this series, and the one above is made specially for Valentine’s day for my Etsy shop. I paint them with archival ink markers on A4 size old paper I found in my drawer. I have time to paint it after my baby goes to sleep, and I really enjoy it. I don’t plan, I just keep the same pattern (shape wise), and all the rest can change. I see that animals take big place in these images, but I also have one with aliens… A4 prints are available, and also 4/6 inch small prints (can serve as greeting cards:). I am always looking for inspiration, so if you like you can drop me a line and show me something interesting.

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