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Wedding gift - portrait of a couple

Something old - my new shop with letter designs on magnets and other goods

Dear Annie wrote in her blog:

“Wedding portrait painting has become a lost art in this culture of digital photography, but many young couples and their families desire a wedding portrait that will be passed down to children and grandchildren in the form of a vivid, painted masterpiece. Today I want to introduce you to an artist with a rich appreciation for symbolism as well as an incredible talent for realistic representation in her custom wedding and portrait paintings and sketches. Dina Argov comes from a family of artistic talent and tells stories about her time spent as a little girl in Russia, sketching under the table while her mother painted folk art for tourists. Now Dina is married and has her own little girl. She lives in Israel, and spends her days painting heirloom masterpieces that represent the purity and joy of a godly marriage. If you’d like to contact Dina for a custom request or take a look at more of her artwork, go to the Dacha Studo on Etsy. Also, don’t forget to tour the Weddings Section of her studio!”

You can read the full interview in here.