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Love Letters by Dina

Here is my favorite question from the interview:

Do you collect anything?
Oh yes. Many things:

1. Leaves & branches
I live in a small village in Israel, not far from Caesarea. My studio is at home, with a big window to my back yard. From time to time I go outside with my baby, and pick up interesting leaves, branches or stones that look interesting to me and I would make something with them later.

2. Old photographs from flea shops
My mother lives in Berlin, so I visit her from time to time. She is a tour guide, and I go with her sometimes. One time she showed me an antique & secondhand old stuff shop. Since then every time I come back I go to the big box of old photographs, and start digging in. Every time I buy about 5-9 pictures that look unique to me – like a Treasury. I collect them in a special album, they take me to another place in space & time.

3. Furniture from sides of the road
Well, you can also call it junk. This is how my husband calls it. But a big part of our house is actually furnished with these. I love this eclectic feeling. Actually the top of my work table in my studio was collected from the garbage in Jerusalem.

4. Textures
I take pictures of interesting textures I find mostly in nature. My camera is my favorite collecting tool…