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This is my finished painting, painted with acrylic on canvas, size 60/80. To see this painting in progress click here.

These days it’s almost spring in Israel, I see blossoming flowers and trees all around me. I’m taking my painting students to paint and draw outside and I enjoy every moment. Thanks to my 1.7 year old daughter I spend a lot of time in nature as she insists to get out of the house as much as she can. Blossoming trees are one of my favorite memories from my childhood in St.Petersburg, Russia, after the snow melt down and the sun came out. Here, in Israel, the period between winter and summer is very short, and soon it will be too hot to be outside. I enjoy this time while the air is still fresh, and the vision is clear for photography:)

I’m working on my next paintings, that will be related to the sea, a bit different from the woodland theme that takes my focus for some time. I’m exited to go to the new places of inspiration, still having nature and women as my muses. Stay updated to see what’s coming next! Of course I would love to hear what you think, and will be very happy if you would like to send me inspiration of any kind, related to the sea and to women in art.