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Hi 🙂

I have been painting for all my life, but I learn new things about art and painting, almost every day. These days its more in understanding the purpose of art and how can art connect peoples hearts.

simple white frame blank 8 10

These heart paintings were painted in Russia on my summer vacation, while having some heart aches… emotional process and a lot of hours of watercolour painting, trying to paint my heart until it heals. So I painted a seed heart, birch heart, heart tree and a botanical heart where you can see its growing underneath the surface.

The thing is, it did help me grow my own heart back and more. When I published my Hearts at my ETSY SHOP, I understood it can help not only me, but others. So I learned of the importance of creating and sharing… Another thing I realised is that it can be much easier for some people just to get the printable hearts. So, I opened a special shop, just for printable hearts, HERE. It’s still a small shop, but I have many more printable hearts waiting to be uploaded to share with the world, to heal and to spread and share the love. Please, help me share it too if you like, and if you want to get some hearts straight to your email when I publish some new heart prints or other paintings of mine, drop me a line: Dinakof@gmail.com

I hope it was helpful for you to read this. Let me know how you feel about it, I really want it to be the best it can be.

Yours, Dina