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Collaborative painting at special events such as weddings, is live magic for me. Suddenly, creativity takes place where it’s unexpected. Well, I guess this is the thing with creativity. There is always an element of surprise. When people come to a wedding, they usually think of how they look, what can they eat and oh what a nice place and such (and this is the positive scenario…)

Watch here at an Israeli wedding in action:

Seldom in weddings you will see people connecting to something authentic, find their place in peace and be passionate about a creative process. I am lucky to see it happen, every time when I bring my canvas, paint and brushes to a wedding. Since I created this method, I get to see more and more cooperative, joyful and brave people who are willing to take part in this activity of collaborative painting.

Often the guests in the wedding will look at this as surprising, and maybe they are even too afraid of really get to paint. “Maybe I’ll destroy it” they say. “I’m really bad at painting” is something I hear a lot. The thing is, that even 2 year old babies get to paint with me, at the same time with grandmas, businessman, mothers, bankers and more.

Some of them keep in touch with me afterwards and continue painting with tutorials.

חתונה ציור שיתופי שיר אופק עין שמר33 צשמג mandala tree

Of course things in the painting might change when few people are trying their brushes on it. The thing is, they really get to play this way. Free of the responsibility on the outcome (this is my part, you can see some examples here), free of what people will think, free of their own inner judge.

These are moments of magic, of letting go, of learning to be brave and to accept the change.

If you believe in this magic, I am here for you. I will fly anywhere in the world for this adventure, (well, if you come to Israel for your event it will be even easier for me…) or guide you on video with a special short course for collaborative painting leaders. Contact for any question: dinakof (at) gmail.com

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ציור שיתופי 20 שנה מתן06ציור שיתופי 20 שנה מתן26

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