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owls class

For the lovers of folky whimsy creatures, book pages and fairytales, this class will take you to a fun place where a Russian Matryoshka and the magical owl meet in one being. In this class you will learn how I build the creature from the first sketch to the final detail.

At the end of the class you will have completed an artwork of a wise Matryoshka Owl, made with oil pastels and coloured pencils. This class is for all levels, beginners or professionals.

Are you ready for the adventure? I am! Lets make some magical art!

on book page

For our class project you will find an old inspiring book page & create a Matryoshka owl on it. I will guide you with the basics of my sketching technique, why I choose to work the way I do, how I mix oil pastels and coloured pencils, and of course the fun little details that will make your artwork be as magical as it can. Full online class here.owl sketch step 4owl net