Dina Argov is a painter/illustrator, located in a small village in Israel. Education: Graduated (B.Des) from the Bezalel academy of Art & Design Jerusalem, visual communication department, illustration. class of 2010.

I have been drawing & painting since ever, it is my passion and my profession.

Art is the light we choose every day in our life. When we like something we see, it means something to us. When we choose the art we love to surround us in our everyday environment, it reminds us of our true self, our purpose in life, and the way we want to live. When I create my paintings, I see how they shine the light of fantasy and creativity, happiness and the power of life itself, they grow in my heart and born to the world with a lot of love and intention.

Please, go ahead and see what you love, or create your art with my online classes, here. I am here for any questions, so do ask. To see if an artwork or print is available for purchase just send me an email to: dinakof@gmail.com, or just check Dachastudio – My shop on etsy.


Dina Argov – Solo exhibition at Jaffa, Israel


Dina, Drawing with the girls (one on the back)



Solo exhibitions:

“Woman – Nature”, May 2011 –  “The Container” in Jaffa, reviewed at “The times of Israel” (click to read the article).

Flora & Fauna“, September 2014, Binyamina, Israel.

Group exhibitions:

September 2011 –
HESEG Creators Exhibition, Tel avivOctober 2011 –
The Israel Cancer Association’s 50th Anniversary HaKesh BaDelet
Rabin center, Ramat Aviv
November 2011 –
HappinessHeseg Foundation, Tel Aviv
December 2011 –
Rising in Art 2011 (or The Olim Art Exhibition) Bat Yam
January 2014 –

House exhibition, “The house in Karkur”

February 2014 –
“Imagination”  – Fundraiser event benefiting the Israel AIDS Task Force (IATF), Bank Hapoalim Center, Tel Aviv
February 2015 –
“Imagination”  – Fundraiser event benefiting the Israel AIDS Task Force (IATF), Bank Hapoalim Center, Tel Aviv

May 2015 – Art & About Gallery Emek Hefer, Israel

July – August 2015, international Naive art festival in Katovice, Poland
 February 2016 –
“Imagination”  – Fundraiser event benefiting the Israel AIDS Task Force (IATF), Bank Hapoalim Center, Tel Aviv



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All rights reserved to Dina Argov (C) .

If you are interested in licensing my art or want to use any image, please contact me.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Dina,

    I have had a look through your artwork collection on your online art gallery and I must say this is great work. I am looking forwards to being in contact with you to order a oil painting or two that you can mail art to me since im located in the US.

    Thanks for sharing your great art work with us.

    Regards, Paul.

  2. Hi,
    I think you have a really interesting style, very whimsical. I look forward to seeing new things.

  3. Hello Dina! Your paintings are ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous! 😉 I’ve only just discovered your blog, and I look forward in discovering even more of your future posts! It may not be much but I wanted to tell you that I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! (http://crownsandpeacocks.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/the-beautiful-blogger-award/ ) Ta-ra! Morgane 😉

  4. So am I! 😉 And your welcome, your art is really terrific!:-) See you around! Morgane x

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